Safari Knockers ($88 each)

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Handcrafted in the U.S., Safari Knockers are made of hickory and copper, have a glossy marine-grade finish, and are highly weather and UV resistant. Each target is 54” tall, weighs just four and half pounds, and breaks down into three super easy-to-transport pieces.

Safari Knockers are “knock-over” targets that register a successfully made shot by being knocked over (think bowling pin).

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Total Height: 54” Total Weight: 4 lbs. 9 ounces Base Width: 8.25” Base Height: 1.5” Poles Bottom Piece Height: 29” Diameter: 1.25” Top Piece Height: 27” Wood Diameter: 1.25” Copper Coupler Diameter: 1.375”

6 reviews for Safari Knockers ($88 each)

  1. Vin Croce

    I love my Knockers!
    Vin Croce
    Colchester, CT

  2. Raymond Taylor

    A brilliantly simple concept, beautifully executed. Excellent quality, really good looking, and Knocking them over is surprisingly satisfying. “Ultra-portable” is right! Bravo!
    Ray Taylor
    Port Charlotte, FL

  3. Matt Grayum

    Quality craftsmanship! Incredible times spent playing disc golf in locations that I wouldn’t have thought possible before. Good for putting practice and enjoyable for backyard games as well as adventurous locations.

  4. Lucas Roy Lehman – Chatsworth, CA

    My head is spinning thinking about all the places I want to play. Great product.

  5. Colin Lynch

    Very impressed by the quality, it’s definitely high-end sporting equipment. Took a little getting used to the narrowness, but it’s helped to improve my putting! Way easier than a basket to transport. Price is nice too. Five stars!

  6. Steve Weygint

    Absolutely love the Knocker. The quality is fantastic. The hardwood and finish are meant to last. The red poles make for an easy target to zone in on. I do a lot of camping and traveling with my photography, and the Knockers will always be with me. Easy to assemble and just like that, you have a game of Disc Golf everywhere you go. I have 2 Knockers and set them up to give me a few different looks at approaching the hole. Great for putting practice anywhere. Set them up when you’re camping and you’re sure to find any Disc Golfer around. Also, they are a great way to get new people unaware interested in the sport.
    Overall, the quality and price make for a great deal. You won’t regrate getting one, or even a pair.

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