Playing with Knockers

Safari Knockers’ ultra-portability is best utilized by taking them to places where portable baskets cannot feasibly go.

What We Suggest

With conventional disc golf, golfers arrive at a course and play the holes in their designated order. In Safari Knocker Golf, a small group of golfers place several Knockers in ”strategic” locations, and then create the holes one at a time as they go along—the golfers taking turns designating what Knocker they will be throwing to, and from where they will be teeing off.

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Note: The same target can be approached from different directions and distances, each variation constituting a separate hole. And because only one group is playing the “course” at a time, there are no concerns of intersecting fairways or holes being too close together. Playing 18 different holes can often be played without ever having to move a Knocker’s location. And moving targets is very quick and easy to do, should the desire arise.