Safari Knocker Golf

In the following example, a round is being played by three golfers.

1. After departing their vehicle(s) the golfers don their bags, each containing their full complement of discs and a pair of Knockers.

2. They walk/hike to the area where they will be playing.

3. Having arrived at their spot, they remove their Knockers from their bags, and assemble them (takes only a minute or two each). They then head out in different directions and place their Knockers in spots of their choosing.

4. Having placed their Knockers, the golfers meet back up. By flipping discs or whatever other means they might choose, the golfers determine the order in which they will play.

5. Golfer #1 then determines what Knocker they will be playing to for the first hole, and where the tee shall be (marked by two discs, six or so feet apart). Golfer #1 tees off first, followed by golfers #2 and #3 and the remainder of the hole is played in the conventional fashion with the golfer farthest away playing the next shot.

6. After the hole has been completed, Golfer #2 determines what Knocker they will be playing to (Hole #2), and where the tee shall be. He tees off first (it does not matter who may have won the previous hole), followed by golfers #3 and #1.

7. And so on until 18 holes are played.

Note: The same target can be approached from different directions and distances, each variation constituting a separate hole. And because only one group is playing the “course” at a time, there are no concerns of intersecting fairways or holes being too close together. Playing 18 different holes can often be played without ever having to move a Knocker’s location. And moving targets is very quick and easy to do, should the desire arise.