A New Kind of Target

Safari Knockers are “knock-over” targets that register a successfully made shot by being knocked over. (Think bowling pin)

Knockers are toppled quite easily when struck by a disc, especially from shots that hit solidly above the center of the pole. Glancing shots, and shots that strike below the center point of the pole, will often cause the Knocker to wobble- sometimes it falls, and sometimes it doesn’t.  (Oh, the drama!)

It doesn’t matter where the Knocker has been hit; all that matters is whether or not the Knocker has been knocked over. The markings on the Knocker are simply visual aids.

Knockers are not Baskets

Knockers are the same height as baskets, but they are significantly narrower, making converting a shot on a Knocker more difficult. We figure that golfers who make half of their putts from 30 feet on a basket, would likely need to be 20 feet out on a Knocker to achieve that same result.
But there’s more!  Missing is more dangerous too. Missed putts on baskets very often hit metal, ending the disc’s flight and usually leaving the golfer with a very short putt. Most missed putts on Knockers don’t hit anything and their flight continues unabated, leaving the golfer with longer follow-up putts.

Bottom Line:

Converting on a Knocker is both harder and more treacherous than converting on a basket. As a result, a higher premium is placed on good putting, and making more accurate up shots.