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Safari Knockers is a disc golf target manufacturing company comprised of one, me, and tolerated by my adorable German wife.

I’ve been disc golfing since 1985, and have always thought it would be great fun to play in beautiful places where no courses currently exist. But it wasn’t until about three years ago that I became obsessed with developing a target that would make this kind of Safari Golf both feasible and desirable.

First and foremost, I knew such a target would need to be exceedingly portable, as well as easy to set up and take down. It was also important to me that the targets record a successfully made shot in a manner that was beyond any dispute, as definitive and satisfying as a basket “catching” a disc. And I wanted them to be handsome targets that, with proper care, could last for decades.

It’s has taken far longer than I ever would have imagined, but the end result has far exceeded my original expectations. Now I dream of them being taken on extraordinary disc golf adventures all over the world by you and your friends.

May the course be with you,

Thom Zajac


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